We are a Community learning space for children.

We are not a school.

We are not affiliated to any board.

A Little Grove is an attempt to create a democratic learning and living space for children where different ways of knowing and learning are not only respected but also encouraged. We encourage children to learn different things at their own pace. As we intend to do so we cannot divide children into age based classes. Instead mixed age group of children learn and do things together. The younger learn from the older ones and the older from the younger ones. We also do not follow any fixed curriculum.

We call ourselves a community learning space as learning and living here is based on participation, cooperation, helping one another and not on similar age group children competing with each other incessantly.

Children are encouraged to participate not only in deciding their timetable and curriculum but also running of the space. We would want children to feel that it is their space that they need to take care of and nurture.

The space is open to children from all financial, social and behavioral backgrounds. We do not have any fixed fees, but run the space on ‘pay forward’ basis.


You are welcome to come and visit us. Spend a few days with us. If you and your child loves the way we work, we will just start from there.


The centre is run by parents and children together with no fixed fees, but on ‘pay forward’ basis. We share with parents our cost and suggested contributions. In case some parents are not able to contribute the suggested amount, we talk and see what is comfortable. Parents who have the financial ability are encouraged to pay forward towards children who need financial assistance.

There is only so much we can say about the space. Words and websites have their own limitations. We welcome you to come and visit us. Come and spend some time with us and the children to see how it all works.

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