A young girl on who inspires her

Had written this in September 2011, when I was volunteering with a small Tibetan school.

This is about two little children studying in the same school. The boy has become a close friend of mine. We generally go around together talking about various things. I did not what was it that had attracted me to him, until yesterday when I read something written about him. The Tibetan teacher had asked all children to answer a few questions one of them being – Who is the person that inspires you? Who do you want to be like? Yesterday night when we had gone out for tea, he read out an answer to me, written by the little girl. Now before I go to the answer let me tell you something about both these children –

Boy (A) – A little fat, stout fellow. He is always dressed shabbily, with at least 2 button of his shirt always broken. His boots are always broken. Also he does not do well in the “regular classroom” studies. Barely passes and had also failed in a subject in previous class.

Girl (B) – A very sweet girl. When I asked her what was it that she wanted to become, she replied fashion designer. A lover of style, she is always wearing latest designs (to the best she can afford). She adores film stars and other celebrities.

Now coming to the answer (translated from tibetan) she wrote for the question – Who is the person that inspires you? Who do you want to be like?

I really admire this boy (A). He is so simple and down to earth. After class whenever I see him, he is always busy reading some or the other book. I have never seen him fight, abuse other kids. He always manages to find a little corner for himself and busies himself with reading or writing about something. He never talks bad about anyone and is always smiling and cheering others. Now, I very well know that he is always dressed shabbily unlike other boys who come to class all hip and  hop. He also does not do well in the exams and is considered by almost all the teachers as dull and lazy. But surprisingly that does not deter him from reading so many extra books after class. I see in him a person that I so respect. He never tries to gain attention. After seeing him I have realized that it is not the outer appearance that we should seek in a person but his or her inner beauty. I want to become like him – beautiful from inside.

After listening to her answer I was so overwhelmed, now realizing why I liked that boy so much. I had made a certain impression of the girl (based on outer appearance), which later I realized was so wrong.

I remember a little conversation I had with this boy once –

“What is it that you want to do when you grow up? Whats your passion?”
“I want to live a simple life”
“Yes but what is it that you want to do? Something special for the world?”
“World I do not know. But I do want to take care of my parents. They have done a lot for me. I want to keep them happy. Every single moment”.

I had never thought that this could be also a possible answer.

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