We need to learn to love again

There is story that Rabindranath Tagore had written called Parrot’s Training. In ‘The Parrot’s Training’, we are told of a golden cage that is built to imprison a wild and uncivilized parrot so that she could be properly educated. In addition to the usual school curriculum, she was also expected to learn to listen and … Continue reading We need to learn to love again


Soap bubbles

From years of study and of contemplationAn old man brews a work of clarity,A gay and convoluted dissertationDiscoursing on sweet wisdom playfully.An eager student bent on storming heightsHas delved in archives and in libraries,But adds the touch of genius when he writesA first book full of deepest subtleties.A boy, with bowl and straw, sits and … Continue reading Soap bubbles

Each basket is unique

Compiled by Amit Deshwal When work moved from farm to city, from land to concrete, from hands to machine—in short, when the industrial revolution redefined the meaning of work for us—much was lost. Perhaps the greatest loss was the sense of cosmic wonder of interrelationship with the universe, with nature, with the stars and breezes and plants and animals that was … Continue reading Each basket is unique