Buy Handmade!

Welcome to Whittle and Whistle. Here you will find on Sale some beautiful Hand-carved items and Handmade Musical Instruments.

A Little Grove is run on Gift Culture. Parents decide how much they would like to financially contribute towards the space. In order to cover our expenses, we have decided to sell some handmade products that we make. A part of whatever we sell here will go help us run the space.

Hand-carved Figurines

These figurines are carved from blocks of wood, dry branches of trees that have fallen down. Each figurine takes several hours to finish. The finish is usually given by our own Beeswax finish we have made at home.

Handmade Musical Instruments

Over last few years, Amit Deshwal has studied various musical instruments and have tried making a few of them – Ukulele, Banjolele, Khamak, Dulcimers. Each instrument is handcrafted and can be customized to your liking. Amit had made his first musical instrument, Banjolele in summer of 2018 and has been playing it ever since.

In case you like and would like to buy any of the products, please write to us at or call us at +91-90007 03365